We stock a full range of materials for drywall and plastering specialists.

Our primary products are:

  • Gypsum board and plaster/ready-mix – complemented by our metal framing products and commercial insulation

  • Fire-treated lumber

  •  A complete set of finishing products (screws, fasteners, bead and trim) and specialized tools.

We represent all the major manufacturers in the industry. In a single trip, you’ll be able to secure all the materials and accessories you need to complete a project. Our excellent relationship with key suppliers allows us to secure custom products in a timely way – keeping you on schedule.

Everything we do aims to make you more efficient and effective at securing and completing your projects.

OUR Suppliers:

Drywall & Blueboard

Dana Wallboard Supply provides a full line of drywall and associated building materials to drywall and plastering specialists. We supply all major brands of drywall and blue board, and we stock inventory of National Gypsum and Continental. 

  • Ready mix joint compound

  • Plaster

  • Mesh and paper tapes

  • Corner beads, arches, trim & fasteners

Our gypsum products are stored in modern facilities that are centrally located to all major metropolitan regions in New England. We are the nation’s largest single-site distributor of plaster.


  • Drywall
  • Plasterboard (Veneer / Blueboard)
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Mold Resistant
  • Fire Shield
  • Flex
  • Foil
  • Cement Board
  • Sound Board
  • Shaft Wall Liner
  • DensGlass
  • Durrock
  • Denshield
  • Abuse Resistant
  • Hi-Impact

Ready Mix & Plaster

We stock a full line of plaster and joint treatments from National Gypsum and USG. Fast inventory turnover means our material never spends much time sitting in a warehouse. You’ll be pleased to know that we stock a variety of specialty products like ceiling texture, accelerator and retarder to help you with the finer details of a job. 

Repairing old plaster can be a challenge. We carry all the products you need to fix those unsightly cracks and blemishes – helping you get the job done right.

Plaster Products:

  • Unikal
  • Diamond
  • Excalibur
  • Imperial Special White
  • Imperial Basecoat
  • Kal-Kote Basecoat
  • Structolite Basecoat

Ready Mix Products:

  • Proform Multi-Use
  • Proform All Purpose
  • Proform Lite
  • USG All Purpose


We carry a full line of various lengths and gauges from steel stud and track, to furring channel and angle. 

Need a custom length stud for a job? 

Give us a call! We will quickly give you a quote and also, an estimate of the time it will take to get your order to our warehouse.


  • Drywall Studs
  • Drywall Track
  • Structural Studs
  • Structural Track
  • Shaftwall Studs
  • Shaftwall Track
  • Z-Bar
  • Angle
  • Flat Stock
  • Spazzer Bar
  • RC Channel
  • Furring Channel

Insulation & Lumber

Insulation comes in a variety of widths, depths, and lengths. We stock a full line of faced and un-faced insulation in a variety of different sizes so you can get what you need, when you need it.

Our goal is to keep you informed of the new fire code rules and regulations by offering a full line of:

  • fire treated plywood

  • studs

  • insulation

  • caulking

Insulation Products:

  • Faced
  • Un-faced
  • Fire-safe

Lumber Products:

  • Fire Treated Plywood
  • Fire Treated Studs
  • Wood Strapping

Beads & Trims

We stock many different corner beads from regular drywall bead, to Kal-Kore and Mesh Plaster Bead.  We also carry specialty beads such as Veneer L and J bead, zinc expansion bead and wire arch bead.

Looking for Trim-Tex Vinyl bead?
We got you covered.

We stock:

  • Three-quarter inch bullnose bead
  • Regular and jumbo bead
  • Tearaway bead
  • L and J bead
  • Archway bead
  • And more...

Need a product from Trim-Tex that we don’t stock? No problem. Since we carry a variety of Trim-Tex products we can order your bead with other items that we stock, avoiding costly freight charges.

If metal and vinyl beads aren’t your thing, we carry No-Coat Ultra-Flex made by Structus Building Technologies. This bead comes in sticks with sizes ranging from 8-12 feet. No-Coat also comes in 100 foot rolls in several different widths. We also stock a product called Hydro-Trim, a self adhesive corner bead.